John Zorn – Circle Maker

John Zorn is a music innovator with a reputation for blending vastly different styles and creating something new: hardcore punk and jazz, Italian movie music and cartoon themes. Here he combines the tradition of Jewish klezmer with New York avant-garde jazz. The result is both fresh and timeless, touching upon ancient songs no one has heard before.

THE CIRCLE MAKER is actually two separate albums, combined by a theme (as well as packaging). The first features the Masada String Trio, part of Zorn's Masada klezmer project. Because of the instrumentation, it has the more traditional sound of the two CDs. The second disc adds a percussive element by expanding the trio to a sextet. Drummer Joey Baron and percussionist Cyro Baptista give these tracks an international flair. Guitarist Marc Ribot lends his guitarwork to the project, including some fascinating use of controlled feedback.

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