John Coltrane Live In Germany And Belgium

John Coltrane concert: ‘Live in Germany (1960/1961) and Belgium (1965)’ The three performances on this DVD show in dramatic relief the most important phases of his career. These newly discovered 1960 performances with Miles Davis's rhythm section find him near the end of his ‘sheets of sound’ period. Coltrane was anxious to form his own group and this final tour with Davis was a favor to the trumpeter. His restlessness shows through in his playing here and elsewhere at the time. It is fascinating to hear him with one of his early idols Stan Getz and his playing seems to challenge Getz to a new level. The 1965 Comblain-La-Tour (Belgium) performance, providing some great visuals, allows us to see the group at the peak of its powers and near the end of its run. By the end of the year, McCoy and Elvin were gone and one of the most innovative and exciting ensembles in jazz was no more. Concert 1: Germany, March 28th, 1960 John Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone Wynton Kelly – Piano Paul Chambers – Bass Jimmy Cobb – Drums Also featuring Oscar Peterson on piano on ‘Moonlight In Vermont’ and ‘Hackensack’, as well as Stan Getz on tenor saxophone. Concert 2: Germany, December 4th, 1961 John Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone / Soprano Saxophone Eric Dolphy – Alt Saxophone / Flute McCoy Tyner – Piano Reggie Workman – Bass Elvin Jones – Drums Concert 3: Belgium, August 1st, 1965 John Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone / Soprano Saxophone McCoy Tyner – Piano Jimmy Garrison – Bass Elvin Jones – Drums


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