Miles Davis: The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions

“In A Silent Way represents one of the most important self-declarations of artistic independence to ever go down in jazz history. This was not “jazz” aimed at its traditional audience, but rather a monstrous new thing that, once unleashed, would bring about some unexpected changes to music in general. While The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions offers a lot of incredibly great new music to enjoy, the original In A Silent Way has the singular power to transport the listener to heavenly places.”


Disc: 1
1. Mademoiselle Mabry
2. Frelon Brun
3. Two Faced
4. Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process
5. Splash
6. Splashdown

Disc: 2
1. Ascent
2. Directions I
3. Directions II
4. Shhh/Peaceful
5. In A Silent Way (rehearsal)
6. In A Silent Way
7. It's About That Time

Disc: 3
1. The Ghetto Walk
2. Early Minor
3. Shhh/Peaceful (LP Version)
4. In A Silent Way/It's About That Time (LP Version)

Miles Davis: Trumptet
Wayne Shorter: Saxophone
Herbie Hancock: Electric Piano
Chick Corea: Electric Piano
Josef Zawinul: Electric Piano and Organ
John McLaughlin: Guitar
Dave Holland: Bass
Tony Williams: Drums
Joe Chambers – Drums
Jack DeJohnette – Drums, Tambourine
Teo Macero – Tambourine, Producer

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