At The Cote D'Azur with Ella Fitzgerald & Joan Miro/The Last Jam Session

A double DVD set — with 2 different performances from Duke Ellington! The first disc features great black and white footage of Duke's performance at the Cote D'Azur — with Ella Fitzgerald on vocals, and a special guest appearance from artists Joan Miro! The material is great — and features both Ellington trio and orchestra performances — on titles that include “Jazz Samba”, “Such Sweet Thunder”, “Kinda Dukish”, “The Shepherd”, “The Old Circus Train Turn Around Blues”, and “La Plus Belle Africaine”. The second DVD features material from the early 70s — “The Last Jam Session”, recorded in a much more laidback style with players who include Joe Pass on guitar, Ray Brown on bass, and Louie Bellson on drums — all joining Duke at a level that's more Pablo-like, in comparison with the Verve style of the first film. Titles include “The Brotherhood”, “Cotton Tail”, “Love You Madly”, “Everything But You”, and “Carnegie Blues”. (NTSC format, All Region DVD.)



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